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Environmental Services

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Environmental Services

Environmental Management advances environmental sustainability and resilience for socio-economic development through the protection and promotion of sustainable use of natural resources in support of accelerated economic recovery.

The main sub-functions are:
  • Policy Co-ordination and Environmental Planning
    • Develops instruments, mechanisms and institutions to ensure sound co-operative environmental governance, in the implementation of sustainable development frameworks.
    • Conducts environment research in order to generate knowledge that would support sound decision making resulting in innovative approaches to the management of the environment.
    • Provides sustainability monitoring and reporting through generation, management and dissemination of environmental information for improved decision making and on-going strategy development.
    • Facilitates climate change management within the province.
  • Climate Change Management
    • Climate Change Management meets the strategic outcomes of minimizing or eliminating the risks to the impacts of Climate Change by embarking on a concerted and cohesive plan that will address the impacts of Climate Change through scientific and technological means based on mitigation, adaptation, and increased awareness to vulnerable communities.
  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement
    • Achieves effective, integrated and co-ordinated compliance monitoring and enforcement of environmental legislation in the province.
    • Conducts investigations relating to environmental crimes.
  • Environmental Quality Management
    • Facilitates environmental impact mitigation and promotes sustainable development;
    • Facilitates air quality management;
    • Supports municipalities in the processing of Air Emission Licensing
    • Promotes the waste management hierarchy (waste minimization, cleaner production, reuse/recycling, treatment);
    • Provides management, strategic and specialist support and direction for pollution and waste management programmes in KwaZulu-Natal.
    • Conducts investigations relating to environmental crimes.
  • Coastal and Biodiversity Management
    • Contributes to the protection of strategic water resources in the province;
    • Controls the spread of invasive alien plants in communal, public and private terrestrial biomes; and
    • Coordinates, facilitates and promotes effective integrated coastal management for sustainable coastal development and resource use.
  • Environmental Empowerment Services

    Environmental Empowerment Services empower the citizens of KwaZulu-Natal to participate in environmental matters and decision making so as to ensure the sustainable use and protection of the environment of KwaZulu-Natal through appropriate capacity building and empowerment mechanisms.

    • Promote awareness of environmental rights and responsibilities
    • Implement Environmental Education programmes to assist with the integration of EE into formal education structures; and
    • Build environmental capacity within the Province