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Integrated Economic Development Services

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Integrated Economic Development Services

Purpose: To advance economic growth and job creation initiatives that prioritize historically disadvantaged individuals and groups through:

  • Enterprise Development
  • Economic Empowerment; and
  • Regional and Local Economic Development


Enterprise Development Sub-Programme

Purpose: To co-ordinate the support and development of sustainable SMMEs and co-operatives/social enterprises that contribute to wealth and job creation, also aimed improving the state of readiness of small enterprises towards contributing to economic growth, inclusion and job creation.

The Enterprise Development sub – programme provides business support and business development services to small enterprises, focusing on the following interventions:

  • Training, mentorship and incubation - providing both technical and soft skills to small enterprises in their respective sectors and district municipal areas. These interventions are aimed at improving skills, knowledge and capabilities of small enterprises to run their businesses effectively and sustainably. In particular, interventions focuses on assisting small enterprises to gain the following:
    • Business skills
    • Increasing business growth and productivity
    • An opportunity to interact with other businesses (networking)
    • Generate new business ideas
    • Consider new trends and gain insight
    • Increased confidence and the motivation to apply new skills; and
    • Time to reflect on business practices and garner a fresh perspective.
  • Funding - providing post Operation Vula Fund disbursement support to small enterprises.
  • Business registration - pre-incorporation and formalization of the business entities thus empowering small enterprises to be legally compliant, entrepreneurially, technically and commercially competent.
  • Business advisory services - information dissemination, knowledge and skills necessary for small enterprises to start, manage and sustain their businesses.

Economic Empowerment Sub-Programme

Purpose: To create enabling environment for economic development and empowerment of the previously disadvantaged individuals and groups (especially youth, women and the disabled) to participate in the mainstream economy.

The Economic Empowerment continues to create enabling environment for the Economic Transformation and Empowerment of target group such as women, youth and people with disabilities to participate in the main stream economy. This includes implementation of catalytic strategic interventions such women and youth entrepreneurs development, enforcement of B-BBEE compliance, Black Industrialists program, Operation Vula program. Creation of strategic partnerships, and stakeholders co-ordination.

Regional and Local Economic Development Sub-Programme

Purpose: To implement regional and local economic development initiatives that support employment opportunities and builds the capacity of RLED stakeholders.

The Regional Local Economic Development (RLED) Unit implements regional and local economic development initiatives that induce employment opportunities and enhances the capacity of RLED stakeholders. Working in collaboration with district/local/provincial/national government spheres, higher education institutions and the private sector, the main focus areas have included: a) supporting informal and social enterprises with infrastructure and knowledge-based technical support; b) working with municipalities to make it easier to do business; c) supporting Small Scale Growers in the sugar industry (as the largest field crop in KZN);) administering innovative and experimental special projects aimed at regional and local economic development. As a continuously-learning sub-programme; we encourage experimentation in pioneering innovative and practical approaches to development.