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Environmental Management

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Environmental Management

Advances environmental sustainability and resilience for socio-economic development through the protection and promotion of sustainable use of natural resources in support of accelerated economic recovery.

Our purpose is mainly to promote environmentally sustainable development and climate resilience in the province. We have been providing environmental services using a decentralised model for more than ten years. Our sub-pro-grammes include Environmental Policy Planning and Coordination, Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement, Environmental Quality Management, Biodiversity

Management and Environmental Empowerment Services. The sharply declining state of the environment, biodiversity loss and climate change vulnerability continue to be our key challenges as a programme. Our systems-based sustainability approach to environmental management takes into cognisance that the economic system, the socio-political system and the ecosystem are embedded within each other, ours would be to ensure that these systems remain mutually compatible. Our natural resources base needs to be taken good care of so that it supports livelihoods and socio-economic activities.

  • Policy Co-ordination and Environmental Planning
  • Climate Change Management
  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement
  • Environmental Quality Management
  • Coastal and Biodiversity Management
  • Environmental Empowerment Services