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  • 05 Oct 2023


R75 million invested into Our Future | Our Economy : MEC EDTEA and Leader of Government Business Siboniso Duma remarked :   

05 October 2023

"Today, we are here to inspire hope for a better future.

The investment of R75 million into this plant by FUTURELIFE has created hope for a better future.

More importantly, locating this business within the Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone will ensure efficiencies in the operations while reducing the logistics costs.

Ahead of COVID-19 lockdown, about 315,000 people were employed in manufacturing, representing just of 12% of total formal and informal employment.

We wish to point out that plant is an integral part of our provincial industrial strategy, which enjoins us to stimulate the manufacturing industry in order to increase employment.

We thank PepsiCo for their investment in the food and beverage manufacturing business here in KwaZulu-Natal.

Every day we read discouraging statistics about job losses, fuel price hikes and other economic challenges.

More than anything else about today – is the good news about job creation. Our people need jobs.

Today the people of KwaZulu-Natal are celebrating the following statistics:-

●There are around 196 jobs people who are now employed in this plant;

●Next year and moving forward, more than 230 people will be employed permanently.

●Critically, we celebrate the fact that FutureLife procures 88% of its raw materials locally. These include Maize, Soya, Sugar, Rice, and Bran. In addition, all product packaging is procured locally.  

 The hardships that the last there years have brought to many families underscores the need to rebuild our economy through the stimulation of other sectors of the economy.

The industry-wide shutdowns as a result of lockdown destroyed many families and created social instability.  

Families lost homes. Others were evicted by landlords who also had no other sources of income. Cars were repossessed. And kids removed from schools.

Compatriots, as government through our entity Dube Trade Port and FutureLife, we have made it possible for many families to experience an improvement in the quality of their lives. 

More job opportunities have been created for emerging entrepreneurs such as the youth and women in. The 18 mini factories that are located here at Dube TradePort are operational. 

We have entrepreneurs  operating in various sectors such as food and beverage, medical equipment, and electronics.