The sub-programme aims to provide guidance, support and direction in terms of policies, legislation and strategies aimed at promoting tourism to benefit the majority of KwaZulu-Natal communities. To clearly guide spatial development of tourism and define clear role of the private sector at all levels in tourism planning. The continuous development of the tourism sector will assist in diversifying South Africa’s economy and contribute immensely towards achieving the overall objectives of the National Tourism Sector Strategy and the Provincial Tourism Master Plan.


This unit also undertakes and develops numerous research based frameworks and guidelines which seek to further guide provincial tourism policy development. These include but not limited to responsible tourism guidelines as well as tourism greening principals.


The core functions are:


  • To coordinate legislation on tourism aspects and policy development.


  • To facilitate and coordinate the development of tourism activities related to tourism industry


  • To create a conducive policy and regulatory environment for inclusive and sustainable tourism growth and development in KZN,


  • Ensure provincial policy and strategy alignment and to keep abreast with the scope of policy making and implementation at national and provincial spheres.


  • To ensure effective management of tourism in the province


  • To provide Research Knowledge Management on the sector and provide research intelligence to the various tourism stakeholders.






The sub-programme aims to provide a long sustainability of tourism growth and development through identification and stimulation of demand led products, develop appropriate tourism infrastructure, and inspire innovation to guide development of tourism over time to achieve geographic and rural spread. In addition the sub-programme is responsible for registration of tourist guides and tourism businesses in the province to ensure the tourism industry is regulated and enforce compliance with the legislation.


The core functions are:


  • To coordinate and facilitate product development and implementation of community owned tourism projects and also drives the implementation of product development across the province.


  • To analyse Planning and Development Strategies e.g. National Tourism Sector Strategy and Provincial Tourism Master Plan to identify Tourism Flagship projects that needs to be prioritized for implementation


  • To identify and package specific tourism niches (products) that could be developed to enhance the destination competitiveness of KZN


  • To documentation of successful community-based and community benefiting tourism projects as case studies


  • To provide technical support and advise to local entrepreneurs aspiring to enter the tourism industry in terms of where opportunities lie for investment and which sub-sectors are saturated


  • To develop feasibility studies and business plans for proposed tourism projects and lobby for funding to enable their implementation.


  • To identify and package projects that can be funded through NDT’s Social Responsibility programme and Corridor Development Fund of COGTA KZN.





The sub-programme aims to facilitate the process of transformation within the tourism industry with a view to creating economic opportunities and benefits for the disadvantaged individuals. This will be achieved through capacity building programmes and economic empowerment by working with other strategic partners and implementation of available transformational tools.


The core functions are:


  • To capacitate and create awareness on the value of tourism in the province.


  • To facilitate service excellence and capacity building in the tourism industry.


  • To drive tourism transformation