Mandela Day - Ladysmith

KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs joined hands with several community organisations on Mandela International to bring relief to two indigent families in Alfred Duma Local Municipality in Ladysmith. Here is the first of the families, the Mofokeng family led by Alina Mofokeng, an elderly woman. Mofokeng (64) a pensioner who lives in Nkunzi with her extended family is currently unemployed and received old age pension from the government to support herself and her siblings. Mofokeng received a brand new house and a donation of furniture from Bawas Legacy Foundation. She is on ART and reported that she has no health complications at the moment. She was referred to Duduza Care Centre social work unit by a caregiver working on the ground. She was blessed with 5 daughters and they all have more than two children. At the moment she is responsible for 15 grandchildren living in the family and they are all sharing a one room attached below. The adults sleep in a rondavel next to the one room. It is unacceptable for more than 5 people to share a one room due to health complications.


Edtea and other organisations continued the Mandela legacy of dedication and selfless commitment to humanity by giving dignity to the Thekiso family in Ladysmith. Who have not owned a house. The family consists of one female adult and three children under the age of 18 years. Both parents died a long time ago and as a result these three brothers and one sister grew up as a child headed household. Their relatives were supportive however unable to build them a new house because they are financial unstable. The house that they were living in before was very aging and might fall during heavy and windy days. As a result, one of the neighbours offered them a room to stay in her yard for free and on temporal basis. The matter of the family was reported to the community development worker for further interventions. Since the new house has been built, the family will move in to their home, in a new house that is safe and secure, after residing in one of the rooms offered by one of the neighbours. They now have a permanent place to stay in their original home. All adults are unemployed and some are doing temporal job in construction industry. The one room house is not in a good condition with some windows broken, walls cracking and the main door is unlockable. Her husband died in a long time ago including her first daughter who died after a short illness and left three children behind.


Cllr Madlala Mayor of Alfred Duma Local municipality handing over the newly build House


One of the houses that was donated