Head Of Department

 HOD Ms Pumla Ncapayi
Ms Pumla Ncapayi is a seasoned Senior Executive with over eighteen (18) years of experience in the public service. She served in the economic cluster and gained expertise in policy development, business development, administration, governance, strategic leadership and implementation. 
A disciplined and focused visionary leader with determination, strong leadership acumen, communication, decision making, problem solving and interpersonal skills. 
She is results driven and passionate about service delivery. Over the years she has served in different portfolios including international trade and investment involved in managing an investment pipeline for South Africa, responsible for setting South Africa’s trajectory for exports to high growth markets including BRICS, Africa and rest of the world. She was also responsible for the management and strategic direction of foreign economic representation through a network of foreign offices.
During her tenure in the public service she also held the position of Acting Director General responsible for the establishment of the Small Business Development Department.
In addition, her experience includes representation in various boards of State Owned Entities and as well as Vice Presidency of World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA).
Ncapayi’s experience and skills bring a considerable benefit for the Province of KwaZulu-Natal that harbours the ambition of becoming the country and region’s leading destination for foreign direct investment and tourism whilst balancing the developmental activities with the protection and conservation of its biodiversity capital. 
Ncapayi is passionate about implementing the radical economic transformation agenda as well as building and sustaining partnerships with all social partners to achieve this objective. Accordingly, she has prioritised growing the economy of the Province of KwaZulu-Natal such that it is globally-competitive and that, particularly, it gets more of those in the periphery to join the mainstream economy.