Tourism Graduate Development Programme Advert 2020/22 (Advert)
Application Form For Tourism Graduate Development Programme Placement



Chief Director: Communications And Marketing
Director: Trade And Investment Promotion Services
Deputy Director: Creative Economy
Deputy Director: Regulation Services
Deputy Director: Complaints Handling: Consumer Protection Services
Deputy Director: District Coordinator For Cooperatives (2 Posts)
Control Environmental Officer: Air Quality Management
Control Environmental Officer: Environmental Planning, Governance And Information Management (4 Posts)
Area Manager: Invasive Alien Species Programme (IASP)
Assistant Director: Regulation Services (7 Posts)
Assistant Director: Complaints Handling: Consumer Protection Services (3 Posts)
Assistant Director: Policy And Planning (2 Posts)
Assistant Director: Research And Development
Assistant Director: Asset Management And Disposal
Assistant Director: Supply Chain Management (Demand Management)
Assistant Director: Supply Chain Management (Compliance And Performance)
Assistant Director: Telecommunications
Closing date: 15 January 2020 at 16h00



Voucher Control Officer
Administrative Clerk: Telecommunication X2
Admin Officer: Consumer Tribunal
Project Officer: Invasive Alien Species Programme X2
Closing date: 31 December 2019


SCM Practitioner: Demand Management
SCM Practitioner: Compliance and Performance
SCM Practitioner: Bid Administration
SCM Administration Clerk: Logistics X3
SCM Clerk: Provisioning X2
SCM Administrative Clerk: Demand X2
SCM Administrative Clerk: Bid Administration X2
SCM Administrative Clerk: Compliance and Performance X2
Financial Officer: Debtors Management
Creditors Clerk: Payment Processing and Creditors Reconciliation X6
Finance Clerk: Banking x2
Finance Clerk: Debtors Management X2
Finance Clerk: Revenue
Personal Assistant: Director: Internal Audit
Closing date: 09 December 2019


Internship Programme 2020-22
Closing date: 13 December 2019


Driver And Protector (Closing Date: 19 July 2019)


Financial Officer: Debtors Management (Closing Date: 05 April 2019)


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